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At Adler Law LLC, we are committed to protecting and furthering the interests of individuals and businesses in a variety of legal matters. From his Indianapolis office, compassionate elder law lawyer Michael J. Adler brings over 20 years of experience and substantial trial work to his practice, along with a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and dedication. Mr. Adler maintains strong ties to the community as a member of the Indianapolis Bar Association and a Vigo County Trial Deputy Prosecutor. In addition to assisting young families and senior citizens, he also is highly skilled and experienced in matters involving business litigation, Medicaid planning, and landlord-tenant law.

Estate Planning, Probate, and Medicaid Planning

Adler Law assists Indiana residents with their estate planning needs, offering solutions tailored to protect their interests, last wishes and their family’s future. Executing (signing) a will allows for your assets to be distributed according to your wishes during probate. A poorly written, or invalid will, can result in legal challenges and lengthy court proceedings. In addition, without a valid will, a decedent’s property passes according to the Indiana laws of intestate succession. Adler Law LLC can assist in carefully drafting enforceable wills, as well as creating trusts suitable for individuals of varying assets and net worth. Revocable living trusts, in particular, allow people flexibility and control over individual’s property while also avoiding probate at the time of their death. Our Indianapolis estate planning attorney also assists families with the administration of trusts after the passing of a loved one with a trust in place.

In addition to advising clients who wish to avoid the need for probate, Adler Law LLC represents personal representatives (executors) and administers estates during probate proceedings. Probate is the legal process that is initiated after an individual dies without a trust to settle his or her estate. Estate administration may be supervised, unsupervised, or settled pursuant to the small estates process. Property that requires probate includes assets and property that the decedent owned as a tenant in common, or that is titled solely in the decedent’s name without a named beneficiary. During the probate process, a party may contest the validity of the decedent’s will or the distribution of property, or bring other claims against the estate. An experienced probate attorney can navigate the complexities involved in this situation.

Medicaid planning can entail a detailed consideration of a client’s health, finances, and other needs. Medicaid is a government health care program for families and individuals with limited income and resources. It offers benefits that are typically not covered by Medicare, such as nursing home care and personal care services. At Adler Law LLC, a Medicaid planning attorney can advise clients regarding a plan for Medicaid coverage of long-term care that preserves as many assets as possible for loved ones and assist them in applying for coverage and obtaining Medicaid benefits when the time is right.

Business Litigation

Contracts are an important aspect of many business dealings, and at times they may lead to disputes between entities. A breach of contract action may arise when a party to a valid and binding agreement has failed to perform its duties under the contract, or has interfered with another party’s performance, without a legal defense. A few examples of a breach are failing to pay for goods or services, failing to deliver goods, or delivering significantly different goods. Remedies for a breach of contract vary depending on the facts of the case, but they may include specific performance, money damages, restitution, or rescission.

Adler Law LLC handles a variety of other business litigation matters as well, including partnership and shareholder disputes within an organization or company. In addition, we represent clients in cases related to non-competition agreements, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), FINRA broker-dealer disputes and arbitration, creditors’ rights and commercial collections, construction defects and construction litigation, and commercial torts, including fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and trade secret infringement, as well as wrongful interference with business contracts and business relationships.

Landlord-Tenant Issues

Landlords have certain rights and obligations with respect to tenants under Indiana law. If you need to evict a tenant from your property, for example, you should follow the specific procedures provided by state law to make sure that the eviction is valid rather than taking matters into your own hands. If a tenant fails to pay rent, the landlord must provide a 10-day notice to pay rent, after which they can bring an eviction lawsuit if the rent remains unpaid. If a tenant violates the lease, the landlord must provide a notice to cure or quit, stating a reasonable time to address the violation, before proceeding with the eviction lawsuit. However, a landlord usually does not need to provide a 10-day notice to pay rent so long as the lease agreement is for a specific period of time or the lease requires the rent to be paid in advance. If this is the case, the landlord may file for eviction immediately upon the non-payment of rent. In central Indiana, landlords can expect to obtain a hearing on the request for possession of the real estate within 2 to 4 weeks of filing their eviction. Adler Law LLC can make sure that you understand and comply with the rules that apply to your situation so that you avoid any problems down the road. There may also be critical differences between residential and commercial leases of which you should be aware.

Michael J. Adler can assist landlords with the efficient removal of tenants from properties for breaches of lease, including failure to pay rent. Adler Law represents landlords throughout central Indiana with all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship, including eviction of tenants, obtaining money damages for failure to pay rent and damage to rental properties, as well as defending landlords against certain actions brought by tenants such as failure to timely make repairs and inhabitability claims.

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If you are seeking individualized and comprehensive legal services, Adler Law LLC has the resources and experience to further your goals. Based in the Indianapolis area, knowledgeable elder law attorney Michael J. Adler provides legal guidance to Indiana residents in their times of need. He also can assist people who need a business litigation attorney or guidance to landlords in issues related to landlord-tenant disputes. At Adler Law LLC, we have represented residents of Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, and Greenwood, as well as other communities throughout Hamilton, Boone, Marion, and Vigo Counties. Call Adler Law LLC at (317) 635-7880, or contact us online to set up an appointment with an Indianapolis estate planning lawyer or discuss a matter involving one of our other practice areas.

Client Reviews

Hired Mike to help with our estate planning and to draft our will for our trust. My wife and I met with Mike and he knew we didn't know all the legal talk. He talked with us and went through each part of the procedure in normal terms we could understand. Mike is a very well educated person, family...

Mike B

Attorney Michael Adler prepared our trust for us when we had our first child. He is a very smart and compassionate family attorney who know his stuff. He was always available on the phone/email/in person and responds to queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for...

Andrea T

We had such an enjoyable experience with Adler Law. Michael Adler was very accommodating throughout the process. My husband and I had been procrastinating for years to plan our will and set up a trust/estate. He was professional, easy going and explained everything in layman's terms. He has since...

Andrea B

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