Trucking Accidents

Accidents in the Indianapolis area involving semi trucks can have disastrous consequences. Because of the size of semi trucks, trucking accidents may result in more severe injuries than car crashes.

If an accident is caused by the careless, reckless or fatigued driving of the over-the-road trucker, victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries. If you have been in a trucking accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to lost income, pain and suffering, and reimbursement of medical expenses from the trucking company's insurance provider.

Lawsuits resulting from trucking accidents can be complex to due to the competing interests of the truck driver, the driver's employer, the victims and the insurance companies. Trucking and insurance companies are typically large corporations with teams of well-informed individuals working on their side.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, you deserve a knowledgeable and experienced attorney working on your side with your best interests in mind.

A trucking accident may have been caused by any number of factors, including improper loading, negligent or reckless driving, fatigue, brake or other mechanical failure, and hauling in poor weather conditions.

Whether you have suffered broken or fractured bones, whiplash, soft tissue damage, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, permanent scarring, or spinal injury, you will need someone to fight for you. If you have lost someone you love in a trucking accident, we can represent you in a wrongful death claim.

Adler Law LLC in Indianapolis will work to discover the cause of your accident and help you earn the compensation you deserve.

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