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Unfair Competition and Commercial Torts

Everything you have worked hard to achieve could suddenly be put at risk from deceptive business practices. If you believe a competitor stole your trade secrets, obtained access to your client lists or acted in another fraudulent manner, you cannot afford to resolve the dispute without the help of an experienced lawyer.

Handling Unfair Business Practice Claims for More Than a Decade

You depend on your trade secrets, client lists and other proprietary information to help your company maintain its edge in the marketplace. You need aggressive representation to help you take action against any fraudulent attempts undercutting everything you have worked hard to achieve. Indianapolis attorney Michael J. Adler understands the far-reaching implications of unfair business practices. He has more than a decade of experience helping business owners fight back against deceptive actions. Contact his law firm to learn how he can help you recover from unfair business practices during a initial consultation.

Taking Swift Action to Resolve Commercial Torts

Business owners are often driven to take legal action against companies that engage in questionable tactics putting their operation at risk. However, business law is very complicated. Not every controversial business decision can be addressed with legal action.

The future of your business is far too important to risk taking legal action prematurely. Before pursuing litigation, attorney Michael J. Adler can help you understand if you have a valid commercial tort or unfair business practices claim involving:

Business litigation attorney Michael J. Adler can identify how your company has been directly and indirectly affected by unfair business practices. He will not rush to litigation without real numbers and evidence backing up your claims.

When valuable, he consults forensic accountants to define how much your company has lost from unfair business practices. He is an experienced negotiator prepared to help you recover the current and future damages related to the deceptive actions. From the onset, all of his cases are prepared with enough evidence to secure a favorable trial verdict. This can be used as an effective bargaining tool to negotiate everything you are owed without stepping foot in trial.

Contact a Skilled Indianapolis Business Litigation Lawyer

The future of your business is far too important to addressing disputes without the help of an experienced lawyer. If you believe your company has been put at risk from deceptive or unfair business practices, contact trial lawyer Michael J. Adler for a consultation. He has more than a decade of experience in business litigation. He will take every measure possible to preserve your best interests.

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Hired Mike to help with our estate planning and to draft our will for our trust. My wife and I met with Mike and he knew we didn't know all the legal talk. He talked with us and went through each part of the procedure in normal terms we could understand. Mike is a very well educated person, family...

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Attorney Michael Adler prepared our trust for us when we had our first child. He is a very smart and compassionate family attorney who know his stuff. He was always available on the phone/email/in person and responds to queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for...

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We had such an enjoyable experience with Adler Law. Michael Adler was very accommodating throughout the process. My husband and I had been procrastinating for years to plan our will and set up a trust/estate. He was professional, easy going and explained everything in layman's terms. He has since...

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