Noncompete Agreement Disputes

Employers often ask employees to sign noncompete agreements. By signing the agreement, the employee is agreeing not to engage in a profession or trade that competes against his or her employer for a period of time. Noncompete agreements limit the type of employment employees can pursue to avoid competition for a specific duration of time.

More Than a Decade of Experience Handling Noncompete Agreements

Noncompete agreements should be carefully reviewed and contemplated by all parties to minimize the likelihood of contract disputes. If you are a business owner or employee dealing with a noncompete agreement dispute, you can entrust attorney Michael J. Adler to preserve your best interests. He has extensive experience reviewing noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements for employers and employees. Contact our Indianapolis noncompete agreement attorney to learn how he can help mitigate the ramifications of a costly dispute.

Offering Comprehensive Noncompete Representation

Adler Law LLC offers comprehensive assistance to professionals, executives and business owners, which includes:

  • Reviewing of noncompete agreements
  • Enforcing or defending noncompete agreements
  • Resolving dispute resolutions, including preliminary injunctions and litigation
  • Providing general advice and counsel

While courts will uphold the enforceability of noncompete agreements, they must be reasonable in terms of the duration and geographical restrictions. Other restrictions to the enforceability of such agreements apply.

Attorney Michael J. Adler can help you determine your best course of action and protect your rights. With more than a decade of business litigation experience and a strong business acumen, Mr. Adler can provide the knowledgeable advice and vigorous representation you require.

Contact a Skilled Noncompete Violation Attorney

Based in Indianapolis, Adler Law LLC provides comprehensive services to executives, business owners and other business professionals. Whether you are looking to have a noncompete agreement reviewed or need help enforcing or defending the contract, contact trial lawyer Michael J. Adler.

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