Parental Relocation

After a divorce, one or both parties may wish to relocate to a new location to find work, move closer to family members or get a fresh start in a new community. When a parent wishes to relocate with minor children, significant disputes may arise.

If you are involved in a parental relocation dispute, it is critical that you hire an experienced family law attorney. For knowledgeable advice and highly qualified counsel, contact Adler Law LLC in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indiana Relocation Laws

If you are a custodial parent who wishes to relocate with minor children, protect your rights by consulting with an experienced family law attorney. You must provide notice to the noncustodial parent at least 90 days in advance of your move. The noncustodial parent may then object, and a hearing will be scheduled in front of a judge.

If you are a noncustodial parent and a custodial parent has moved without providing notice, or if you have just received notice of the custodial parent's intent to move, do not delay. Let an experienced family law attorney provide the knowledgeable guidance and counsel you require.

If a hearing is scheduled, the custodial parent who wishes to relocate must establish that he or she has a good faith reason for the move. The noncustodial parent must prove that the move is not in the best interests of the child. Courts in Indiana take a reluctant view of relocations, so relocating is not a simple matter. Whether you are seeking to relocate or you are opposing a relocation, you need a skilled attorney on your side who can advocate a strong case on your behalf.

Put A Skilled Litigator On Your Side

Michael J. Adler is a knowledgeable family law attorney with more than a decade of legal experience. He brings a strong litigation background to each case. Mr. Adler is a Vigo County Trial Deputy Prosecutor and member of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. He understands that your children are vitally important to you and will work diligently to protect your rights.

Contact A Zionsville Child Relocation Attorney

Nothing can be more complicated than trying to address legal issues involving your children. When the stakes are high, make sure you are supported by an experienced lawyer. Attorney Michael J. Adler has more than a decade of family law experience. Contact his law firm today to learn how he can protect your best interests during a free initial consultation in Indianapolis.

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